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Our construction and estimating team have decades of experience in storefront, standard and automatic entrances, window wall, curtainwall, sun control systems, railing systems, door hardware and controls.  

Chango, Inc guarantee to ensure that the client’s requirements are met by maintaining the highest quality of workmanship at economical prices.

Whether you need small scale maintenance repairs or large scale installations, Chango Inc has the expertise to deliver.

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Custom Glass Service

Commercial Custom Glass

Chango Inc supplies custom glass for a wide range of applications for Retail Stores, Hospitality Business, Medical Offices, Financial Institutions, Religious & Non-Profit Organizations, Schools and Government clients.

Need glass shields for your employees and customers? 

​Protective Barrier Systems - Glass or Acrylic 
​Designed to Shield and Protect from Contamination. 
Available portable free standing glass shield base or mounted over counter.

Chango, Inc can install custom glass shield protection for your workplaces, professional offices, essential businesses (life-sustaining), and food service industry. Our free-standing protective glass shields can meet your specifications. The sneeze guard work as a decorative and protective glass.

Our glass vendors carry ample variety of glass panel guards and barriers in a variety of dimensions. Custom sizes can be ordered to meet all protective requirements. Multiple glass options are available including clear glass, textured patterns, color laminated, custom inter-layers, sandblasted and more. 

The base metal finishes are available in stainless steel, clear, dark bronzed and custom painted. 

Glass Products & Services by Industry

Retail Stores

  • Glass Shelves – Custom glass shelves in a range of thicknesses and edgework is available for product displays, bar counters, and other applications.

  • Counters Enclosure Systems – Chango Inc can fabricate and install counter enclosure systems with a combination of aluminum or steel framing, tempered or bullet resisting glass or acrylic, to ensure business owner safety. Speak thru devices, package receivers, money trays, and other glass safety hardware can be easily adapted to any counter design.

  • Custom Mirrors – Bar & Restaurant all mirror walls, restroom vanity mirrors, mirror or glass room partitions, glass & mirrors railings with partition can be built to fit any space. The only limit to what can be done with custom mirror is your imagination!

Hospitality Business

  • Sneeze Guards – With a combination of aluminum framing in clear or bronze color and safety glass, Chango Inc can fabricate and install any size or configuration of protective plexiglass shields (sneeze guard) to accommodate your design or desired appearance.

  • Drive Thru Windows – Chango Inc can fabricate and install most types of drive-thru window systems for restaurants, financial institutions or other drive thru locations. Single sliders, double sliders, are among the different drivethru window styles available. Safety glass and anodized aluminum colors are available to match your needs.

Medical Offices

  • Office Window Sliders – Chango Inc can fabricate and install window sliders in any customizable size or design. Counter window sliders are typically used to divide a waiting room from a main office, to create a private section between a service counter and a public space (employee-customer barriers), to protect patient confidentiality, and for safety reasons. Custom window sliders and glass shields are available in a range of sizes, metal finishes and styles.

Educational / Schools / Public Sector

  • Fire Rated or Safety Glass – Fire-rated (or fire retardant coating on glass) is normally required in public buildings, including educational institutions. These types of glass have fire and impact resistant specifications to meet local fire code.

Financial Institutions

  • Office Partitions – Frameless Glass Wall Office Systems can give open floor interiors a feel of open space while providing areas of privacy. Beautiful and strong "all-glass" partitions for interior office space can be created with access through pivoting or sliding doors.

  • Impact Rated Glass – Impact resistant (or hurricane resistant glass) laminated glass is a choice when building impact-rated systems in coastal areas. A variety of framing, doors, and impact resistant hardware can be configured for diverse applications.

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